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Disclaimer 01/01/2024

Commitment to Accuracy and Current Information

At QuickTravelGuide.eu, we strive to maintain the most current and accurate information on our website. However, due to the ever-evolving nature of global travel, we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the content provided. The information available on our site is sourced from what we believe to be dependable entities, but we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy, nor do we endorse any opinions derived from it.

External Links and Liability

QuickTravelGuide.eu is not accountable for the content of external websites linked from our site, nor are we liable for any costs or damages that may arise from visiting such external sites.

Services and Third-Party Merchants

Our platform offers a variety of services aimed at helping you compare prices for hotels and other related products. We present information about products and third-party vendors, along with links to these vendors. QuickTravelGuide.eu receives compensation from these merchants or other third parties for listing their products on our website. It’s important to note that the products featured on QuickTravelGuide.eu are sold by third-party merchants. QuickTravelGuide.eu does not engage in selling, reselling, or licensing any of the products or services listed on our website, nor do we act as a sales agent for them. We expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for the products and/or services offered. Should you have any issues, questions, complaints, or claims regarding such products and/or services, they should be directed to the respective merchant or seller.

Use of Generative AI in Content Creation

At QuickTravelGuide.eu, alongside our commitment to providing up-to-date and accurate travel information, we also incorporate the use of Generative AI (GenAI) technology to create some of our content, including videos and informational materials. While we ensure that all AI-generated content is reviewed and verified to the best of our ability, it’s important to acknowledge the inherent limitations of AI technology. Therefore, we cannot be held accountable for the content or the accuracy of the information generated by AI.

Dedication to Reliable and Precise Content

We are dedicated to delivering reliable and precise content to our community. However, our ability to do so also depends on the information available to us. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of travel and technology, our use of GenAI helps us to offer a broad range of insights and updates. We pledge to continuously strive for accuracy in all our content and to keep our community informed with the most current and verified information possible. Nonetheless, we advise our users to exercise their own judgment and verify any information before making travel decisions based on the content provided on our platform.

Integrity, Originality, and Plagiarism Prevention

At QuickTravelGuide.eu, we are deeply committed to the integrity and originality of our content. To uphold these values, we diligently check our information, including text and AI-generated content, for plagiarism using multiple tools. This process is part of our effort to ensure that the material we provide is both unique and trustworthy. However, given the vast expanse of information available globally, it is beyond our capacity to verify the entirety of the content against all possible sources of original material. Despite our best efforts, we recognize that we may not catch every instance of overlap or similarity.

We take the issue of plagiarism very seriously and aim to prevent it in all its forms. If you encounter any content on our site that you believe infringes on copyright or constitutes plagiarism, we encourage you to reach out to us immediately via email. Upon notification, we are committed to reviewing the concerned material promptly and will take the necessary actions to remove or revise the content in question.

Our Goal and Community Cooperation

Our goal is to maintain a platform that respects intellectual property rights and fosters a culture of originality and accuracy. We appreciate the cooperation and vigilance of our community in helping us achieve this objective.

Copyright Notice

All our videos and my YouTube channel contain dialogue, music, and images that are the property of Your Inspiration Quick Travel Guide. You are authorized to share the video link and channel and embed this video in your website or others as long as a link back to my YouTube channel is provided.